This information is not to be used in replacement of a certified Veterinarian. Every medication of any form has the possibilities of side-effects. Those side-effects, & the results of them, may vary greatly from rabbit to rabbit & all may be affected by various other elements such as other medications, foods, age & health, & other things. With this said, the statements here-in are not written as an absolute answer or guarantee; these are simply common treatments used by those who have experienced successful results with such, but in no way guarantee the same results for every situation. Furthermore, we do not claim to be vet’s, nor are we in any way liable or responsible for any results, be it positive or negative, due to the use of the information stated within. Use of any information offered is done so fully at your own risk.

(Please note: we are not and we do not in any way claim to be veterinarians; no information offered should be considered as that which has came from a professional veterinarian, and we are in no way liable for any information noted. We always advise contacting a veterinarian who is licensed and is experienced in rabbit care. Furthermore, all information contained within this section is without guarantee of success; all information is gained from experienced rabbit-breeders who have tried these home-treatments with successful results – however – note that what may work for one rabbit, may not work for all.

*Any treatments noted that you choose to use, is done so at your own liability and risk!!!)

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