What type of hay should I feed my rabbits and why?

Hay is an essential part of your rabbit's diet, as it provides fiber, nutrients, and dental health benefits. There are many types of hay for rabbits that are appropriate, but some of the most common and popular ones are:

- **Timothy hay**. This is a grass hay that has a balanced taste and texture that most rabbits love. It provides high fiber and balanced protein and calcium that support your rabbit's digestive and dental health. It is often recommended by veterinarians as an ideal choice for rabbits of all ages².

- **Orchard grass hay**. This is another grass hay that is softer and sweeter than timothy hay. Some rabbits may prefer this hay for its palatability and texture. It also provides high fiber and balanced protein and calcium for your rabbit's health².

- **Oat hay**. This is a cereal grain hay that has a crunchy and hearty texture that some rabbits enjoy. It also has immature seed heads that add extra flavor and interest for your rabbit. It provides high fiber and moderate protein and calcium for your rabbit's health².

You can feed any of these types of hay to your rabbit, or you can mix them together for a variety of tastes and textures. You can also try other types of hay, such as meadow hay, alfalfa hay, brome hay, rye hay, barley hay, wheat hay, or herbal hay¹³?, as long as they are fresh, clean, and free from mold, dust, and chemicals. You should always provide unlimited amounts of fresh hay to your rabbit every day, along with fresh water and a small amount of pellets and vegetables.


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