How can I help my rabbit get exercise?

It's important for rabbits to get regular exercise to maintain their physical and mental health. Here are some ways you can help your rabbit get exercise:

1. Provide a large living space: Give your rabbit plenty of room to move around by providing a large living space, such as a pen or a room of your house. This will allow your rabbit to run, jump, and explore.

2. Encourage playtime: Spend time playing with your rabbit by providing toys, such as balls, tunnels, and chew toys. You can also hide treats around their living space to encourage them to search and explore.

3. Take your rabbit for a walk: You can train your rabbit to walk on a harness and leash and take them for walks around your yard or a safe outdoor area.

4. Provide climbing opportunities: Rabbits enjoy climbing and jumping, so you can provide opportunities for them to do so by adding ramps, stairs, and platforms to their living space.

5. Rotate toys and activities: Keep your rabbit engaged by rotating their toys and activities regularly to prevent boredom.

When providing exercise opportunities for your rabbit, be sure to supervise them to ensure their safety and prevent injury. Also, make sure your rabbit has access to fresh water and a comfortable resting area when they need to rest.

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