Can rabbits be kept with other animals?

It is possible for rabbits to live with other animals, but it depends on the species and individual personalities involved. Here are some things to consider when introducing rabbits to other animals:

1. Dogs and cats: Dogs and cats can be trained to coexist with rabbits, but they should always be supervised when together. It's important to introduce them slowly and provide separate living spaces. Some dogs or cats may have a strong prey drive and view rabbits as prey, so it's important to monitor their behavior closely.

2. Guinea pigs: Guinea pigs can be compatible with rabbits, but they should be introduced gradually and under supervision. Rabbits may become territorial over their food and living spaces, so it's important to provide enough space and resources for both animals.

3. Other rabbits: Rabbits can be social animals and enjoy living with other rabbits. However, they should be introduced gradually and under supervision to prevent fighting. Same-sex pairs are usually easier to introduce than mixed-sex pairs.

4. Other animals: Rabbits should not be housed with birds, reptiles, or rodents. These animals may view rabbits as prey or become aggressive towards them.

When introducing rabbits to other animals, it's important to provide each animal with their own living space and resources, such as food and water bowls, litter boxes, and hiding places. Always monitor their behavior closely and separate them if any signs of aggression or stress are present.

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