Does a rabbit doe move her kits?

In general, rabbit does do not move their kits once they have been born. They carefully choose a location, such as a nest box, where they give birth and nurse their kits. The doe builds the nest and lines it with fur and other materials to create a warm and safe environment for the kits.

Rabbit does typically spend minimal time with their kits, visiting them a few times a day to nurse and groom them. After nursing, the doe leaves the nest to avoid drawing attention from predators. The kits remain in the nest, huddling together to keep warm until the next nursing session.

It is essential not to disturb the nest or handle the kits excessively during the first few weeks of their lives, as the doe may become stressed and may reject or harm the kits. It's best to allow the doe to care for her kits and provide them with a quiet, secure environment.

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