What is a drop-off bucket?

A drop-off bucket, also known as a gravity feeder or self-feeding bucket, is a feeding system used for rabbits. It consists of a container or bucket with a small hole or opening at the bottom, allowing food to drop down into a tray or feeding area. The purpose of a drop-off bucket is to provide a continuous supply of food for rabbits without the need for frequent manual refilling. The bucket is typically filled with rabbit pellets or other dry food, and as the rabbits eat from the tray, more food automatically drops down from the bucket to replenish the supply. This type of feeding system is convenient for rabbit owners as it reduces the frequency of food refilling and ensures that the rabbits have access to food throughout the day. It's important to monitor the amount of food in the drop-off bucket regularly to ensure that it doesn't run out completely or become stale. Additionally, proper hygiene should be maintained by regularly cleaning the tray and bucket to prevent the buildup of mold, bacteria, or pests.

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