Can rabbits choke?

Br>Yes, rabbits can potentially choke on certain objects or foods. Rabbits have a unique digestive system that is not designed to handle large or obstructive items. They have a habit of nibbling and chewing on objects, which can sometimes lead to accidental ingestion of inappropriate or indigestible items.
Br> It's important to provide rabbits with safe and appropriate toys, chew items, and food to minimize the risk of choking. Avoid giving them small objects, hard objects that can't be easily chewed, or foods that can cause blockages. Additionally, be cautious with fibrous materials, such as hay or straw, as rabbits can sometimes have difficulty passing long strands if they swallow them in large quantities.
Br> If you suspect that your rabbit is choking or has swallowed something that may cause an obstruction, it's crucial to seek immediate veterinary attention. Choking and intestinal blockages can be serious and potentially life-threatening conditions in rabbits.

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