Are Residents of Malta the most rabbit eaters on Earth?

While rabbit consumption varies across different cultures and countries, it is true that rabbit meat is popular and widely consumed in Malta. Rabbit dishes, such as rabbit stew or rabbit fried in garlic, have a long history in Maltese cuisine and are considered traditional delicacies.

The popularity of rabbit in Malta can be attributed to a combination of factors, including cultural traditions, historical influences, and local availability. The island's mild climate and agricultural practices have facilitated rabbit farming, making it a readily available and affordable source of protein for the Maltese population.

However, it is important to note that rabbit consumption varies globally, and there are other regions and countries where rabbit meat is also commonly consumed. Each culture has its own culinary preferences and dietary habits, so the claim that Malta has the highest rabbit consumption per capita on Earth may not be universally accurate, as it is challenging to obtain comprehensive data on global rabbit consumption.

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