Should I clean after a rabbit kindling?

It is important to clean the nesting area and remove any soiled bedding or materials after a rabbit kindling (giving birth). Keeping the nesting area clean helps maintain a healthy and hygienic environment for the doe and her newborn kits.

Here are some steps you can follow for cleaning after a rabbit kindling:

1. Wait for the doe to finish giving birth: Allow the doe to finish the kindling process and bond with her kits. It is best to avoid disturbing them during this crucial time.

2. Remove soiled bedding: Once the doe has finished kindling and has settled with her kits, carefully remove any soiled bedding from the nest box. This can include soiled straw, hay, or any other nesting materials. Dispose of the soiled bedding properly.

3. Replace with fresh bedding: After removing the soiled bedding, replace it with fresh, clean bedding. Provide soft, absorbent materials such as clean straw or hay. Make sure the bedding is dry and free of any contaminants.

4. Maintain cleanliness: Regularly monitor the nest box and remove any soiled or wet bedding as needed. Keep the nesting area clean and dry to prevent the buildup of moisture or bacteria.

It is essential to handle the nest and newborn kits with care to avoid causing stress or harm to them. Minimize disturbances and handle the kits only when necessary. The doe will typically take care of cleaning and grooming the kits herself, so excessive handling should be avoided.

By maintaining cleanliness in the nesting area, you can help promote a healthy and safe environment for the mother rabbit and her kits.

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