How do I avoid the rabbits digging out of cage?

To prevent rabbits from digging out of their cage, here are a few tips you can follow:

1. Choose an appropriate cage: Select a cage that is specifically designed for rabbits and has a solid bottom. Wire-bottom cages can allow rabbits to dig through and escape. Ensure that the cage is spacious enough for your rabbit to move around comfortably.

2. Reinforce the flooring: Line the bottom of the cage with a sturdy material like plywood or a solid plastic tray. This prevents rabbits from digging through the cage floor. Make sure the material is securely fastened to the sides of the cage to avoid any gaps.

3. Provide ample exercise and enrichment: Rabbits are naturally curious and active animals. Ensure they have plenty of opportunities to exercise and explore to reduce their desire to dig. Provide them with toys, tunnels, chewable items, and a designated digging area filled with appropriate substrate (like a shallow box filled with straw or shredded paper) where they can indulge their digging instincts.

4. Supervise free-range time: If you allow your rabbit to have supervised time outside the cage, ensure the area is secure and free from potential escape routes. Block off any areas where the rabbit could dig under fences or access small gaps.

5. Bury wire mesh or paving slabs: If your rabbit's enclosure is outdoors, consider burying wire mesh or paving slabs around the perimeter of the cage to deter digging. Make sure the mesh is buried at least 1-2 feet deep to prevent rabbits from tunneling underneath.

6. Regularly check and maintain the cage: Inspect the cage regularly to identify any weak spots or potential escape routes. Repair any damages or reinforce areas that rabbits might exploit.

7. Spay/neuter your rabbits: Unneutered rabbits may have a stronger drive to escape as they are more likely to exhibit territorial and mating behaviors. Spaying or neutering your rabbits can help reduce these instincts and make them less prone to escaping.

Remember, rabbits are natural diggers, and it's important to provide them with appropriate outlets for this behavior. By ensuring a stimulating environment, proper supervision, and a secure cage setup, you can minimize the chances of your rabbits digging out and promote their well-being.

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