What is a proven rabbit doe?

A proven rabbit doe refers to a female rabbit that has successfully reproduced and produced healthy litters of kits. The term "proven" indicates that the doe has demonstrated her ability to conceive, carry the pregnancy to full term, give birth, and effectively care for her offspring.

When selecting a doe for breeding purposes, breeders often prefer proven does because they have a track record of successful reproduction. It gives confidence that the doe is capable of producing healthy kits and fulfilling her maternal responsibilities.

To determine if a doe is proven, breeders typically look at factors such as the number of litters she has successfully raised, the size and health of her previous litters, and her overall reproductive performance. The specific requirements for a doe to be considered proven may vary depending on the breed standards and breeding goals.

Breeding from proven does can increase the likelihood of successful and healthy litters, ensuring the continuation of desirable traits and genetic characteristics in the rabbit population.

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