What does Cuniculturist mean?

A "cuniculturist" is someone who practices cuniculture, which refers to the raising, breeding, and management of domestic rabbits. A cuniculturist is essentially a rabbit farmer or rabbit breeder who is knowledgeable and skilled in the care and husbandry of rabbits.

Cuniculturists may engage in various activities related to rabbit husbandry, such as breeding rabbits for specific traits or purposes, raising rabbits for meat or fur, or keeping rabbits as pets. They are responsible for providing proper housing, nutrition, healthcare, and overall welfare of the rabbits under their care.

Cuniculturists may also participate in rabbit shows and exhibitions, where they showcase their rabbits and compete for awards based on breed standards and quality. They continually strive to improve the breed standards, genetics, and overall well-being of the rabbits they work with.

Overall, a cuniculturist is someone dedicated to the responsible and ethical breeding and care of rabbits, ensuring their health, welfare, and promoting the advancement of the rabbit industry.

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