Is there one breed that customers seem to want more over any other breed?

The demand for specific rabbit breeds for meat can vary depending on the geographic location and cultural preferences of your customers. However, some breeds are more commonly used for meat production than others due to their larger size and meat yield.

One of the most popular meat rabbit breeds is the New Zealand White, which is known for its large size, fast growth rate, and tender meat. Other breeds commonly used for meat production include Californian, Champagne d'Argent, and the Giant Chinchilla.

When choosing a breed for meat production, it's important to consider factors such as size, growth rate, feed efficiency, and meat quality. You may also want to consider the availability of breeding stock and the demand for specific breeds in your local market.

Keep in mind that raising and selling rabbits for meat may also require special permits and licenses, so it's important to research and comply with any regulations in your area. Additionally, it's important to ensure that you're providing appropriate care and humane treatment to your rabbits throughout their life cycle, from breeding to processing.

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