American Fuzzy Lop

The American Fuzzy Lop (AFL) rabbit breed is a small breed of domestic rabbit that is known for its long, fluffy fur and cute appearance. Here are some additional details about this interesting breed:

1. History: The AFL rabbit breed was developed in the United States in the 1980s by breeding French Angora and Holland Lop rabbits together. The breed was created with the goal of producing a small rabbit with a compact body and long, dense fur.

2. Appearance: AFL rabbits are small, with a compact body and a rounded head. They have long, dense fur that can be either solid or spotted in color, with a range of shades including white, black, blue, and chestnut. They have lop ears that hang down close to their cheeks and large, expressive eyes.

3. Temperament: AFL rabbits are known for their friendly and gentle personalities, making them a popular choice as pets. They are also highly adaptable and can do well in a variety of environments.

4. Uses: AFL rabbits are primarily kept as pets and are known for their adorable appearance and affectionate personalities. Their long, dense fur also makes them popular in the show circuit, where they are often exhibited in the wool breeds category.

5. Care: AFL rabbits require a clean, spacious hutch with plenty of room to move around. They should be fed a diet of hay, fresh vegetables, and rabbit pellets, and their water should be changed daily. Regular grooming is also important to keep their long fur free of mats and tangles.

Overall, the American Fuzzy Lop is a delightful breed of rabbit that is well-suited for both pet and show purposes. Their adorable appearance and friendly personality make them a favorite among rabbit enthusiasts.
Country of Origin:
United States

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