Satin Angora

The Satin Angora rabbit breed is a combination of two distinct breeds, the Satin and the Angora. The breed is recognized by the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA) and was first developed in the United States in the early 1930s.

The Satin Angora is a medium-sized rabbit breed that weighs between 7-10 pounds. They have a thick, soft wool coat that is slightly curly, but not as curly as the Angora's coat. The coat is also denser and shorter than that of an Angora rabbit. The fur is lustrous, shiny, and has a silky texture, which is why it's called "satin."

Satin Angoras are gentle and docile rabbits, and they make great pets. They are intelligent, curious, and love to play. However, due to their woolly coat, they require frequent grooming to prevent matting and the formation of hairballs, which can be fatal if not addressed promptly. They also need a high-fiber diet to maintain good gut health.

Satin Angoras are bred for their wool, which is highly prized by hand spinners and weavers. The wool is used to make luxurious garments, such as sweaters, scarves, and shawls. Satin Angoras are also shown competitively, where their wool is judged on factors such as density, length, texture, and sheen.
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