Rabbit's joy

In fields of green and flowers bright,
The rabbits play and leap with might.
Their furry coats, so soft and white,
Glisten in the sun's warm light.

With twitching noses and ears so keen,
They nibble on leaves and stems so green.
Their eyes so wide and bright with sheen,
Reflect the world they've never seen.

They dart and dash, then stop and stare,
At every rustle in the air.
Their instincts sharp, they're always aware,
Of any danger that might be there.

Oh rabbits, creatures of grace and charm,
May you always stay safe from harm.
May your burrows be warm and snug,
And your days be filled with love and hugs.

For you bring joy to young and old,
With your tales of adventure untold.
And though you may be small and bold,
You leave a mark on our hearts of gold.

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