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Little bunnies
Little bunnies with ears so long,
Hopping and playing all day long,
Furry tails and twitching noses,
Jumping over grass and clovers.

With their big bright eyes so wide,
They nibble on greens and hide,
Beneath the bushes and the flowers,
Where they while away the hours.

Soft and fluffy, gentle creatures,
Living in warrens, secret features,
Family groups with mums and dads,
Chasing each other, happy and glad.

Their gentle nature, cute and sweet,
Making friends with everyone they meet,
A symbol of life, of spring and light,
The rabbit is a wonder in sight.

So if you see a rabbit near,
Say hello with a smile and cheer,
For these little creatures are dear,
And bring joy to all, far and near.

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